UPCOMING: Minea | The Episode Series


Minea. A land of untold legends. Created by Nobles– the magical ones. The Nobles left the Minaeans to take care of themselves so they could be independent people… But, years later, an unknown virus spreads through, destroying the Minaeans life force; Nature. Can the amnesiac August Hendricks save them with the help of an ex-knight, a Grand Marshall of the Falcon Guard, a weaponist, a librarian, a bard, two rangers, two strangers, and a princess? Let’s hope they can defeat the evil Nightingale, Argareon, and minions before it is too late.


August Hendricks

August Hendricks knows nothing of her past. She wakes up in the middle of a shipwreck alone, hurt, and scared, not knowing what is going on. Follow her on her adventures through Minea.


There are  stages in making a Roleplay:

1st Stage: getting a crew.
2nd Stage: building and decorating.
3rd Stage: recording voices and on set.
4th Stage: producing.
5th Stage: ready to air.

We are in Stage 3 and 4. We have recorded Episode 1’s body acting (filming) and are currently waiting for some voices to come in. Our producer, Aggie Kopp, has edited 6 mins of the guessed 15 minutes of Episode 1.


We hope to come out with Minea on August 3rd, 2017. Hope to see you there!



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