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Will August be the premiere of Minea Season 1, Episode 1? Well, we think so!

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The Bare Minimum: Minecraft Mods

Hey, guys! Aggie, the director, here to tell you guys the basics of the MODS, and HOW to get them! I’ve had a lot of trouble with mods in the past, only to realize I’ve done it wrong! I got 1.8 forge, 1.7.10 mods, and 1.6 mods as well! So years later (3) i decided to try again. Older and a little more tech-smart, I tried again, getting it right in the first try. 3 years ago, it took my 5 hours, with no luck! So here is the tutorial and the staple mods!


The Minecraft forge you should use is like this: Go to this Link: Zelda
And be sure to get the recommended one. If you have windows get installer-win if a mac or other get the normal installer. (1..8.9 or other version. I recommend either 1.8.9 or 1.7.10)
Inline image 1
So next once it is downloaded you should start Minecraft. Then close it. You should be able to open Forge and install it. If the location tab can’t find your Minecraft still reopen Minecraft and close it again. Maybe cancel installation, and restart it.
Once it is finished installing you can check your Minecraft and once the launcher shows up look to your bottom left-hand corner of your Minecraft. There should be a “profiles” drop-down list and look for the one that says, “forge”. Next, go to your Windows menu (push the Windows button on your keyboard), and search “run”.
Once the Run application is open search %appdata% and then you click it. There should be a folder popping up and you should see three folders. Go inside the roaming one and inside THAT one should be a .minecraft folder. Go inside and look for a “mods” folder. If there is not one, that is okay! You can create one yourself titled “mods“.
Now it is time for the actual mods. With your chosen mods, drag each mod individually into the “mods” folder, and
Then try starting your Minecraft and see if the mods work. Once you are at the Minecraft Menu look on the bottom left-hand corner and see how many mods there are. If there are  the number of mods you got (adding three of the Forge mods that came with), and it is PERFECT!

Staple Mods


  • CustomNPCS: To make background characters, characters talk with script, furniture, and more! LINK
  • More Player Models: It fits it’s name, MPM allows you to be different races, from elves to centaurs, and mermaids… AND You can sit, lie down, dance, etc. LINK
  • Pixel Cam (1.8.0-1.10): It allows you to make Cinematic Scenes! LINK
  • Camera Studio(1.6.4-1.8): Same as PixelCam! LINK
  • Mr Crayfish Furniture Mod: Gives over 40 awesome pieces of furniture. MCF has so many cool mods worth checking out! LINK
  • CFM: Community Furniture: Why get Mr. Crayfish’s furniture mod and be done, when you could have MORE! I recommend this for the stairs in it. LINK

Thanks guys for watching! Hope you could check out our links down below!

~Aggie from the Minea Team.


UPCOMING: Minea | The Episode Series


Minea. A land of untold legends. Created by Nobles– the magical ones. The Nobles left the Minaeans to take care of themselves so they could be independent people… But, years later, an unknown virus spreads through, destroying the Minaeans life force; Nature. Can the amnesiac August Hendricks save them with the help of an ex-knight, a Grand Marshall of the Falcon Guard, a weaponist, a librarian, a bard, two rangers, two strangers, and a princess? Let’s hope they can defeat the evil Nightingale, Argareon, and minions before it is too late.


August Hendricks

August Hendricks knows nothing of her past. She wakes up in the middle of a shipwreck alone, hurt, and scared, not knowing what is going on. Follow her on her adventures through Minea.


There are  stages in making a Roleplay:

1st Stage: getting a crew.
2nd Stage: building and decorating.
3rd Stage: recording voices and on set.
4th Stage: producing.
5th Stage: ready to air.

We are in Stage 3 and 4. We have recorded Episode 1’s body acting (filming) and are currently waiting for some voices to come in. Our producer, Aggie Kopp, has edited 6 mins of the guessed 15 minutes of Episode 1.


We hope to come out with Minea on August 3rd, 2017. Hope to see you there!



YouTube: Minea Productions

Twitter: Minea Pro

Instagram: Minea Official

Welcome to Minea Productions!

Who are we?

We are Minea Productions! We are a YouTube Production Company

What do we do?

We make Minecraft Roleplays, such as Minea, West Crat Actor’s Society, West Craft City, Build or Buy and much more!

What are Minecraft Roleplays?

Minecraft Roleplays are Machinimas of the popular game that the name came from (Minecraft). It is like a movie. If you have seen stuff like Aphmau’s Minecraft Diaries or Mystreet; DanTDM’s Science Lab Adventure’s, and the popular Minecraft Crafting Dead, those are different Minecraft Roleplays.

What is the process?

You are finding voice actor’s, writing the script, building the maps, decorating it, filming the bodies for the show, and editing it all together.

How long is the process?

It all depends on the show. The idea for Minea has been with us since 2014, so we finally got into it around mid-2016.  It is a long process, and takes time, but if you put everything you have got into it, it will surely shine.

What step are you at for your upcoming Roleplay, Minea?

We are finishing up the last of the building and decorating and heading into the Filming stage. We still need some voices to be delivered to us, but soon Minea will be on the roll!

How big is your Minea team?

We have around 15 voice actors, 8-9 body actors/builders, 2 composers, 2 directors, 4-5 writers, and 1 producer.

When does Minea come out?

Hopefully the pilot will air on our YouTube channel on August 3rd, 2017.

When do you think the finale will air?

If everything is on schedule, the 18th episode/finale of Minea will air December 7th, 2017.

Are you guys working on S2?

Slowly, yes. We are going to try finishing the writing in April.

Do you have plans for other roleplays, besides Minea?

Yes. We have 2 or 3 planned for the future.

Are they all original characters?

No. Most of them are, but there are some characters from the book series Ranger’s Apprentice, some characters based off of Slade, Batman, Nightingale, and Rose Wilson. Also a lot of cameos from LOTR and Super Smash Bros.

Who is the Director/CEO of Minea Pro?

Aggie Kopp. She also produces, voices as Joy/Halt/Mr. Mustache/Afro Bob, directs, builds, films and does social media stuff.

Are you enjoying this experience?

“Most definitely. It is fun working with the voice actors who are all close friends of mine.” ~ AGGIE KOPP