UP-CLOSE EXCLUSIVE: Minea | The Episode Series

UP-CLOSE EXCLUSIVE: Minea | The Episode Series

Written by: Aggie Kopp

Minea is an adventure/romance/comedy/fantasy Minecraft Roleplay for YouTube. Created by Minea Productions, Minea is set in the medieval times and surrounded with Mystery and Magic. With funny character relationships and a dash of romance, Minea Productions believe will be a hit.

Director/Producer/VA/Writer, Aggie Kopp says,

“I believe that if we put our hearts into the project, it will come out better than we had hoped.”

Here is the summary of the series:

August Hendricks doesn’t remember where she is, or where she came from. All that she knows is that she is lost. With help of her friends, Jeremy the knight, Jose the Princess’ Guard, Joy the Librarian with the skill of archery, Rose the Bard and Penelope the- um… buttkicking weapons-master (Yea, that sounds right), they try to figure out her past.

August finds herself having a connection with nature, but the plants around the country of Minea are wilting away. And it is up to August and the gang to save the trees and the world from the mysterious men behind it all.

Minea Season 1: Forgotten (The Pilot) will air on the Minea Productions YouTube Channel on August 3rd, 2017. They plan that the Season Finale (S1: Ep. 18: Mount Othrys PT. 2) will air on their YouTube channel on December 7th, 2017.

When the first episode airs, they asked a YouTuber known as Mimi Minecraft & Gaming to do a react video on it. Mimi and Aggie (the director) have talked a lot over their blogs, A. F. Kopp and Infinitely Free

Season 2 currently has around 3 episodes written, but they will work hard on it during Camp NaNoWriMo this April. The whole team will be working on it all at the same time, writing, editing and brainstorming all April.

Minea is by far their greatest and probably hardest project they will work on for a long time. Kopp says,

“[making Minea], it’s really hard, because it’s our first roleplay, and it is also our first REAL project. We look at other roleplays on YouTube and see some things they’ve missed and we try to not forget those. I also believe that if ANYONE puts their mind to something, they will do it exceptionally well.”

Thanks for reading this UP-CLOSE Exclusive on Minea Productions.


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